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 Meditation in Boulder, CO

Mindfulness Meditation, also known as Insight or Vipassana, has its roots in the teachings of the Buddha. Its power and efficacy, known through thousands of years of practice, are now being verified by western science.

I teach meditation and the Dharma using contemporary, secular language, without religious overlay. The underlying principles and teachings derive directly from the Buddha and subsequent teachers. This is the Buddha's authentic practical wisdom, translated, but not watered down.

If you are looking for relief from physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual stress or suffering, or have the vision that more is possible in this life, these practices are powerful, skillful catalysts for change and growth. As it is said; pain is unavoidable, but suffering is optional.

I am dedicated to supporting your practice and spiritual growth through a variety of modalities, including Mindfulness Meditation Classes, yearlong Dedicated Practitioner Groups, and Daylong and Weekend Retreats. I also teach longer low cost Nature and Wilderness Meditation Camping Retreats in the mountains and desert river canyons of Colorado and Utah through Impermanent Sangha.

In Metta (Lovingkindness),

Johann Robbins